The ATA Alumni/ae Trustees

Perhaps when you were an undergrad, you may have thought of “the Trustees” as a mysterious group of old farts who watched over the endowment and the building if you thought about them at all. You may not have been aware that the top three undergraduate officers also serve as trustees with full voting rights. We’d like you to know about the remarkable group of Sigmas who serve as our alumni/ae trustees. Thanks to the efforts of the ATA, the building is in better shape than it has been for a long time (although there is constant upkeep and maintenance required), the budget is balanced, the endowment is performing well, and we continue to look for ways to cut costs without negatively impacting quality. We have strong lines of communication with the undergraduates. Now the CR is beautifully restored, thanks to the generosity of one of our alums, the ATA is focussing on continuing window replacement, the archives, and plans for celebrating the 150th anniversary of the founding of the chapter in 2018. For brief bios on each of the ATA alum trustees, click on the photos below.


Grant Felgenhauer ’96

Eric Hayes ’91

David Hemingson ’86

Krista Jones ’05

Jonathan Kaplan ’00

Andrés von Buch ’67

Timothy Hogen ’58

James Landé ’87

David Leigh ’10

Rick Mayer ’82

Mary O’Connor ’79

Sally Sanford ’75

Austin Shapard ’93

Charles Simonds ’93

Charles Trippe ’83

David Weil ’07

David Wilk ’72

Justin Zaremby ’03