The Chase Coggins Memorial Fund

Instructions for applying for a grant from the Chase Coggins Memorial Fund.

The Chase Coggins Memorial Fund is named for Chase Frederick Coggins (1957-1978), Class of 1979, Timothy Dwight College. While at Yale, Chase rowed heavyweight crew, sang with the Glee Club, and was a member of St. Anthony Hall and the Elizabethan Club; his academic focus was the American West. Away from Yale, Chase was involved with pre-Columbian archeology in Mexico, Guatemala and the Andes; he was an experienced hiker, climber and cross-country skier, and was dedicated to teaching others the joys of the wilderness experience.

The purpose of the Fund is to perpetuate Chase’s ideals and his influence on the Yale community by assisting Yale undergraduates in 1) wilderness exploration with philosophical, artistic or scientific intent, and 2) traveling to rural areas or developing countries to document and study those regions from a variety of perspectives (including natural or cultural history, health, anthropology, linguistics). It is important that new information and perspectives gained from this experience be shared with the broader Yale community in the following year.

Awards will be made in the amount of either $2,000 or $4,000, depending on the applicant’s total budget needs. Please submit applications for the summer of 2023 by March 1st, 2023; notifications of interviews will be three weeks later and interviews will be held at Saint Anthony Hall on Saturday April 15th 2023. The award recipient(s) will be notified within a week of the interviews.

Examples of past recipient project areas include: “Hiking Japan’s Shin-etsu Trail an 80-kilometer trail that runs along the ridge of the Sekida Mountains in Japan. The objectives are to hike one of Japan’s oldest longest trails to investigate the influence of America’s trail culture on Japan, to learn about the cultural and natural history and to understand the traditional culture of the area,” “travel to Lebanon to document and study the crisis of high concentrations of chemical and bacterial contamination and its effect on vulnerable populations with the country,” “Lithium isotopes as a silicate weathering proxy in the Kapuas River, Indonesia, the key to understanding global climate feedbacks”,“traveling to Japan to dedicate a new video piece in rural Japan inspired by Japanese folklore and mythical creatures,” “leave the urban noises of New Haven behind and listen closely to the sounds of Acadia National Park,” “An experiment in constructing a teardrop trailer as it is towed across country, the construction of a sculptural object over time, an architectural research question about minimum standards for a functional dwelling, and a literal vehicle for returning to and learning from a vernacular building style”.

We give preference to applicants who are not seeking to join an already-established program.


Proposals may not exceed four (4) pages, and should include:

  • A summary of your background with relevant information about academic course work and job or other extra-academic experience;
  • A clear description of what the project entails and how it is to be undertaken;
  • A statement of objectives to be accomplished;
  • A brief review of the context for the project. (How does it relate to the work done in the same field?);
  • A statement of how the outcomes or “success” of your project will be measured or recorded;
  • A rough schedule for the work to be done, and
  • A budget.


Append a sheet with personal information: Name, age, college year, residential college, major, college & home address, telephone number, and email address.

Please also attach two recommendations. (Recommendations and cover sheet are not included in the four page limit.).

For finalist candidates, the selection committee will request a personal interview.

Proposals should be sent to:

The Chase Coggins Memorial Fund
c/o The Anthony Trust Association
P.O. Box 205471
New Haven, CT 06520

or proposals can be emailed to

For more information, please contact us with this form: