Andrés von Buch majored in art history, graduating cum laude from Yale in 1967. He received his M.A. in agri-cultural economics from Purdue University in 1971, and pursued additional studies at Harvard Business School in their executive program. He has worked for many years in agricultural management and business investment in his native Argentina. Fluent in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese, Andrés has served on the boards of many national and multinational companies, think tanks, and civic and business organizations. He has served on the Executive Committee of the Center of International Relations (CARI) and on the Advisory Board of CIPPEC, both in Argentina.

A driving force behind many organizations to which he has given generous support, Andrés helped found the Universidad de San Andres in Argentina and has been very active in social entrepreneurism, helping to start the Center of Social Innovation there., he has served on the Latin America Advisory Board of the Harvard Business School since 2005.

Andrés has also been an active Yale alumnus, serving on the Alumni Schools Committee in Argentina, as a member of the AYA Board of Governors, and currently as a member of  the Yale President’s Council on International Affairs.

A significant international patron of the arts, he has served on the International Council of MoMA, as a past president of the arte BA (Contemporary Art Fair), President of the Association of Friends of the National Museum of Bellas Artes, and as a Member of the International Friends of Dokumenta in